Code of Ethics

1. The Members of the Old English Sheepdog Club of Central Florida do hereby set forth this Code of Ethics. When confronted with a situation not covered in this agreement, members shall conduct themselves, as they would expect to be treated under similar circumstances.
2. We shall not show dogs or be party to showing dogs that are not cleaned or properly groomed for the show ring, nor shall we solicit entries of unprepared or ungroomed dogs for the purpose of gaining championship points.
3. All members shall advance "Good Sportsmanship" and "Courtesy". Remember this is supposed to be an enjoyable pursuit.
4. To promote the welfare of the breed, "all breeders", including stud dog owners, shall aid in the placement of any dogs of their breeding that can no longer be kept by their owners.
5. All members shall assist with the recovery and placement of purebred Old English Sheepdogs recovered from Animal Control Facilities (so called "kill shelters") and local Humane Societies. This assistance need not involve the actual housing, care, and feeding of said rescue dogs but typically could include transportation or providing assistance in locating suitable homes for these dogs.
6. We shall not knowingly breed Old English Sheepdogs, which have or are suspected to have Hip Dysplasia, Eye defects, or known Genetic Disorders. Therefore all breeding stock shall be x-rayed and have the results evaluated by the Orthopedic  Foundation for Animals(OFA). Eye certification checks shall be performed Bi-annually by a board certified Ophthalmologist, annual checks are recommended for active breeding stock.
7. Stud dogs shall be at a minimum 18 months of age prior to breeding, bitches at a minimum of 24 months of age. Bitches shall be restricted to one litter every other "season", except upon the specific advice of a State of Florida Licensed Veterinarian.
 8. Written contracts between Breeders, Puppy buyers, and Leasing agents are  "STRONGLY ENCOURAGED". These contracts should include all terms of the agreement in order to prevent future misunderstandings.
9. All puppy sales shall be in accordance with the laws of the State of Florida and the County in which the sale occurs. Each puppy buyer shall be furnished with a State approved health certificate for the animal that they are buying. A licensed Veterinarian as required by the State of Florida shall sign this certificate. Puppy buyers should be encouraged to have their new puppy examined by their Veterinarian as soon as possible and no later than 72 hours after the purchase.
10. We will not knowingly sell animals neither primarily for resale, nor to known unethical breeders, nor shall we buy animals primarily for resale.  Old English Sheepdogs may not be sold from roadway stands or transient headquarters, or wholesaled (such as pet shops, wholesale dealers or contest sponsors, etc.)
11. Member owned OES shall be housed in a clean, climate controlled environment, be fed a good quality dog food, and shall be kept clean and free of parasites.
12. Disciplinary action against any member for alleged misconduct prejudicial to the best interests of the Club or Breed may be taken under disciplinary provision of the By-laws.

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