Five Minpins and one stickb

Small puppy meets big puppy at Patapin

Small puppy grows bigger and soon tries to beat up both Mary and Mabel

Brill wants to be a circus dog. He is practicing his sit and his stack on top of Belle! Feb/10

This is Willy, Beauty's brother. He likes to race dirt bikes in his spare
time. His parents call him The Wheel Dog. Oct 14/10

His mom Kim provided the following background story with the photo:
Tim bought a new dirt bike this summer and Willy hates it! Tim rides along the outside of the fence and Will chases it as fast as those little legs will carry him. Sometimes he starts running before the bike arrives at the fence and he realizes he is ahead. Willy will turn back and then wait until the bike has caught up before he takes off again. We actually have a video of him and it is quite incredible how fast Willy is. I am convinced that if you added a dirt bike to a greyhound race, Willy would win!

Sometimes, when you are little, it can be exhausting eating a cookie.
Even when you are sharing a little power nap is required and then back at it.

This is in memory of Prize, a little red Patapin who was struck down while out on one of his adventures. He is seen here with his best friend Oliver, who is missing him terribly, along with his adopted father John." August 24, 2010

Liza loves her dog bed.
December 4, 2009.


Patapin Red and Remarkable (Rex) absolutely loves his new brother Tyler. He even does time outs with him on the stairs! June 14, 2010

Belle is deciding if Liza is worth eating.
December 4, 2009.

I like to sit on my dog bed this way.
Only problem is that I tend to fall off
when I go to sleep.


What happens when you mix pins and pacas?


After a warning, Cammi shows the alpacas what she really thinks! June 17, 2009

Now we'll sleep like this

Pistol, Mira and Wil

Ok, we have Belle and Oliver surrounded.
Now call in Leggy and Cameo to grab the stick! April 6, 2009

Ch Patapin Panda Bear has taken up skate boarding in her old age.
August 2008

Cooper is happy to be a pillow for his buddy Zeus
November 2008

You might think this is scary Cujo
but it's only Pearl asking me if she needs another dental cleaning. Jan/ 2008

"What makes you think I am spoiled? "
Prynce (son of Flash) Dec/06

"Are you sure I need this to curl my ears?"
 Prynce Dec/06

"Now, where's the runway again?"
 Prynce (son of Flash) Dec/06

"Get back and stay back men!
These are my women and I will do the deed if mom ever lets me in there.
Flash August 2006"

"I can't help looking just a little stuck up - my sweater is designer you know."

"Be brave little buddy - we both have our life jackets on."

Diamond and Sissy

"It's time for bed dear."

"Let me look. No, let me look. Move over and let me look."

Cleo at Christmas 2005

"you really don't expect me to be able to move in this do you?"

Ch Patapin Gem Mans Lucky Stripe
aka "The Nose"

Caprice and Charm

"It is amazing how comfortable these new body molding beds are."

"I know I'm your favorite
but go snuggle with someone else for a change."

"......and now I am leaping in the air
to really finish you off."

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All participants of the "Smile" pictures are either owned or bred by Patapin