The goal at Suomi's Kennels is to bred for excellence. Litters are carefully planned
to produce healthy and happy dogs. Currently we have one or two litters per
year. Our puppies are raised in the family room of our home where they can be cared
for not only by their mother, but also the rest of our clan.
The puppies are loved and socialized by our entire family and friends bringing about independent, loving and self confident puppies.
Homes for our puppies are carefully screened. Puppies are either placed in show or pet homes. Puppies placed in pet homes as family pets come with a limited (non-breeding) AKC registration status and a spay/neuter contract.
We maintain contact with everyone who purchases a puppy from us to ensure all questions are answered.
Since litters are carefully planned we may at times have a waiting list for puppies.
If you don't want to wait we will always help you try to find another breeder or locate a puppy for you.

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