Melody Maids is made for you

When it comes to housework, did you ever wish you were four people-in-one with a lot more time? With the help of Melody Maids, you can leave the work to them, so You can spend Your time doing what You want to do.

Melody Maids is locally owned and has been cleaning homes and offices since 1987.We are presently servicing Marion County as far north as McIntosh and south to Belleview and Summerfield also crossing into Lake County to service the Villages at Lady Lake.

A steady growing list of regular customers have used Melody Maids service over years because of itís commitment to quality and dependability. Melody Maidsí team approach means every home is cleaned quickly and thorough at a competitive price. Every team consists of three or four members specially trained for their task. The team-leader cleans the kitchen and supervises the team. One maid cleans the bathrooms, another one is responsible for the vacuuming and the dusting is teamwork or the task of the fourth maid.

Melody Maids cleaning isnít just a once over, either. Nooks and corners get the full treatment too, so when the team is done your home is not just clean itís immaculate.

Melody Maids charges its service according to the size of your home, with no limit to the time spend. So there are no hidden charges or extra time to pay for. The price quoted upfront is the price you pay. And of course the work is guaranteed.

People are busier than ever and want to spend their spare time doing things they like. Melody Maids provides the freedom to indulge yourself and at a price thatís very affordable.