What Melody Maids will do...

In the kitchen

Clean all counter tops

Clean outsides of appliances including top of the refrigerator
Take burners apart on stove to clean drip pans and rings

Wipe down outsides of cabinets

Clean the sink area including inside window above the sink
Load the dishwasher or wash a few dishes

Clean inside of microwave

Wash the kitchen floor

Throughout the house

Polish the furniture
Dust knickknacks & dust beyond and under objects
Dust lamps, pictures on the wall, baseboards and window sills
Clean one set of sliding glass doors, both sides and the tracks

Clean ceiling fans that are easily reachable

Vacuum carpeting, moving furniture one person can move easily

Wash tile floor

Sweep wood floors or mop with your cleaner

In the bathroom

Clean all tile on the wall

Clean the bathtub, shower, shower doors and tracks

Clean & sanitize the commode

Shine all mirrors and chrome

Wipe off all counter tops

Clean the sinks

Wash the floor

Other tasks For an extra charge we
We make beds
We change linens if clean linen is left on the bed
We empty all waste baskets
We carry out trash

Clean inside of refrigerator
Spray and clean oven
Clean Venetian blinds
Clean inside windows
Vacuum furniture