I am a very unconventional hobby breeder. I raise my minpins as pets. I now only have three brood bitches, one Specials bitch and two show puppies, turned pet puppies right now. They are for sale. I bred a litter in October that stayed in my house. I plan to breed in July. Up to last fall, I had up to 20 minpins, with up to nine intact studs. I only had to separate a couple of my studs when I had bitches in season. They basically didn't fight. The only thing that was different then, was that I brought everyone in, in the evening for two hours, except the studs who marked like crazy. I think everyone got along so well because of all the space. The bitches actually fought more over favourite chew toys. I didn't want be upset by accidents so I have all hard surface flooring and all leather furniture.

My minpins have a "pet friendly" detached kennel. It is 1600 sq. ft. and I use every inch for the dogs. Part of the space does double duty as I also purchased used kennel mats from a Club that was closing and I put them down to assist with training my puppies. My dogs also have free run of 13 acres, but seldom venture out unless I go with them. I do four walks per day. They are all at my heels everywhere I go and never stay in the house if I come to the kennel. They pretty much lay on the window seats in my kennel when I am working at my computer kennel and "survey" their property.
I have equipped my kennel as a "rough" cottage and it has a hi efficiency wood stove and a FAG furnace. I also added a computer, old model big TV and our fitness equipment. I put in a small water heater and made some small and inexpensive dog friendly renovations. My biggest splurge and expense, was to cover the 13 acres of oak fencing with five foot high, stiff ,mesh fencing. I got the higher mesh as I had professionals do the install and they buried it three inches in the ground. This spring a couple of Pins learned to climb the mesh fence. They would disappear into farmer's fields and while I was running after them, they always turned around and came back. (Didn't anticipate that! - the climbing or the turning back so quickly). I purchased inexpensive chicken wire and my husband and I stapled on another 16 in. That did the trick. I have two dog doors into my kennel and one into my family room.


My dogs sleep in vari-kennels and eat (half raw half kibble) in their crates. I use wool lined sleeping bags for them to sleep in. They are warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

The pluses are:   that my dogs are heavily muscled and in excellent show condition due to all the time due to the running.  All right, the older girls might be a bit chubby.  I have had Judges comment on this in the ring and I believe it has helped my winning record:  As mentioned, my Pins all get along well due to all the space and I treat them all equally:  I have very happy well bonded Pins that give it all back and more:  my dogs are content and very interactive, so they make wonderful companions:   and best of all. I couldn't be happier!!.  July 2010